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This rank, however, will be based on the number of Saudi citizens working for the company. The higher the number of This rank, however, will be based on the number of Saudi citizens working for the company. The higher the number of citizen workers, the higher the rank of the company. For the longest time, Saudi Arabia has been dependent on the oil industry. The government now wants to secure its economy through job creation for locals. This will obviously be achieved by blocking visas for expatriates. As a result, the government become less dependent on oil-based industries and will improve focus on broad-based investments.

800,000 expats have left Saudi Arabia, creating a hiring crisis

File photo More than , new jobs are likely to be created in the Kingdom, said an official report issued by the General Authority for Statistics GaStat. Of these jobs , will go to Saudis while the rest , will be occupied by expatriate workers, it added. GaStat said that last year there were , vacant positions, including 35, in the trade, hospitality and restaurants sector and 21, in the construction sector.

GaStat expects nearly , new jobs in the trade, hospitality and restaurant sectors, 66, in the construction sector and over 56, in the industry sector. The agriculture and hunting sector is expected to have 7, new jobs while the vocational and scientific sector will have 7, jobs and the health and social work sector 13, jobs, the authority said.

The GaStat report is good news for Saudis as well as for expats.

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This expat housing is like living in a small self-contained holiday village or prison, depending on your point of view. The better ones have multiple pools, restaurants, markets, and so on. Within the compounds the dress is Western, some going as far as banning any form of Saudi dress and certainly Saudis are not allowed on at all socially!

Generally accommodation on Western compounds in KSA is of reasonable quality and quite spacious. Compound living is quite expensive compared to living off compound Anywhere from , to , SAR for a 3 bed villa or even more but most westerners choose this way of life due to freedom and security as well as the facilities. I would not recommend living off-compound if you have a wife and children; at least within the compound they have relative freedom.

Most expats have their accommodation costs paid directly by their employer who will also normally arrange housing. However, there is a shortage of good housing in the better compounds in the main cities, so it may take some time to get somewhere suitable for yourself and your family. Personally, I lived in one of the medium sized compounds in Riyadh, known as Seder Compound which was at the time expanding its number of villas considerably to add many more guests.

Saudi Arabia Faces Hiring Crisis Due to 800,000 Expats Exodus

At least two were killed and dozens injured. Arbin is in the Eastern Ghouta region which has been under government siege since A ‘Supermoon’ commonly is described as a full moon at its closest distance to the earth with the moon appearing larger and brighter than usual. Reuters Afghan police officers take position during a blast and gun fire in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

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Unlike most other countries there are no political elections, or even political parties to elect. The country is governed completely by its Royal Family and by Sharia Islamic law. The strictness of Sharia law will prove to be the most difficult factor in terms of adjusting to Saudi life; but advantageously crime rates are very low. The weather is generally very dry and hot, but there is some rainfall usually between January and May.

Your pay will be largely tax-free and you will also enjoy benefits including healthcare, housing allowances, paid holidays and educational support. Foreigners wishing to gain employment will need a Saudi sponsor to obtain a work permit. You will need documents proving all of your qualifications, your passport and financial records. You will also be required to undergo a full medical examination including an HIV test. With all this in place you will then be give a visa reference number with which you can apply for a residency visa.

Many work for Saudi Aramco, the national oil company. Plenty work for the big multinational oil conglomerates, such as Shell and BP, who all have extensive projects in the country. There are also lots of expats employed in finance, hospitals, technology, education and telecoms. You will need in-demand specialised skills in order to find employment in Saudi Arabia; and be aware that it will be much harder for women, due to the strict Islamic laws.

Culture of Saudi Arabia

Expatriate workers in Saudi Arabia will bear the brunt of rising inflation, according to a report by a London based economics consultancy. Jason Tuvey, Middle East analyst at Capital Economics, said that recent price increases for fuel and power, as well as value added tax, would affect expat workers more than Saudi citizens, who will be compensated by cost of living allowances for public sector workers and soldiers. The cost of living allowances were announced in a series of fiscal adjustments made by Royal Order last week.

For example, households of Saudi nationals — particularly those working in the public sector — are likely to see a net gain. Tuvey calculated that the price of fuel at the pump has risen by up to percent, while electricity tariffs for low-end consumption — most households — have increased by percent. VAT will add 2.

Saudization Policy – Expats in Saudi Arabia banned from working in 12 jobs Saudi Arabia Decreases Demands for OFWs, Implements Saudization Policy Banning Foreign Workers in 12 Sectors For many decades, Saudi Arabia has been the frequent destination of OFWs going abroad.

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Their main endeavor has been to enforce their compulsory e. K and discretionary e.

Culture of Saudi Arabia

Its inclusion expresses the view that the country is the personal possession of the royal family. In the case of the Al Saud , this is the father of the dynasty’s 18th-century founder, Muhammad bin Saud. History of Saudi Arabia There is evidence that human habitation in the Arabian Peninsula dates back to about , years ago. The history before the foundation of Saudi Arabia divided into two phases: Al-Magar Al-Magar is prehistoric civilisation that was founded in the center of the Arabian Peninsula , particularly in Najd.

Al-Magar is where the first domestication of animals occurred, particularly the horse, during the Neolithic period.

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Saudi Arabia is the “only modern Muslim state to have been created by jihad , the only one to claim the Quran as its constitution”, and the only Arab-Muslim country “to have escaped European imperialism. Wahhabism arose in the central region of Najd , the eighteenth century. Proponents call the movement ” Salafism “, [8] and believe that its teachings purify the practice of Islam of innovations or practices that deviate from the seventh-century teachings of Muhammad and his companions.

Saudi is one of the few countries that have ” religious police ” also known as Haia or Mutaween , who patrol the streets ” enjoining good and forbidding wrong ” by enforcing dress codes , strict separation of men and women , attendance at prayer salat five times each day, the ban on alcohol, and other aspects of Sharia Islamic law or behavior it believes to be commanded by Islam. Cinema theatres were shut down in , for example. In the privacy of the home behavior can be far looser, and reports from the Daily Mail and WikiLeaks indicate that the ruling Saudi Royal family applies a different moral code to itself, indulging in parties, drugs and sex.

Businesses are closed three or four times a day [12] during business hours for 30 to 45 minutes while employees and customers sent off to pray ; [13] Because Friday is the holiest day for Muslims, the weekend is Friday-Saturday. In contrast, assigned readings over twelve years of primary and secondary schooling devoted to covering the history, literature, and cultures of the non-Muslim world comes to a total of about 40 pages.

Even the small minority of Westernized and liberal Saudis expressed “a desire for the kingdom to remain a Muslim society ruled by an overtly Muslim state.

Top 10 Everyday Things Banned in Saudi Arabia

The directorate added that residency permits and residency identities will not be renewed unless all levy fees on dependents are paid. New fees on dependents of residents and visitors went into effect on July 1. The move aims to balance between revenues and expenses in the budget by For the year , the levy fee for each dependent of foreign workers will be SAR a month.

This will save 1 Saudi billion riyals by the end of the year. In , the levy fee for each dependent of foreign workers will be SAR a month.

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He originally had a job lined up teaching English in South Korea but the paperwork fell through. Then a job came along in Saudi Arabia. The pay was more than in the South Korea and the paperwork could be processed quickly. Within a week, Dante was on his way to Saudi Arabia to teach English for a year. When he arrived he was confronted with a culture that did not allow him to talk to women, forbid him to sit in the married area of a restaurant and would imprison him for drinking alcohol.

Dante made it through the first year and decided the money and even his social life there were too good to pass up. He signed up for another year. Here is a bit of his story. You get a two month vacation every year?! It is quite nice to get out of the country a little bit because it drove me a little insane. Normally it is one month but I had the choice to take two.

A Married Woman Living and Working in Saudi Arabia as an Expat